Code Signing Certificates: what they are, how they work and why they matter

Learn how to spot untrusted software, what makes code signing certificates necessary today, and how your browser protects your from potentially harmful code.

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Certificate CSR: What it is and why it matters

You’ve been tasked with finding a new SSL certificate but you don’t know where to start. So, you turn to Google in the hope that you’ll find a guide with steps you need to complete. In your search, you keep seeing the terms “certificate CSR”, “CSR” and “certificate...

Why Google wants you to have an SSL certificate on your website

There’s no way to dismiss how important Google is to the continued success of your business’s web presence. The search giant commands a towering 77% of search engine market share and more people are using their browser (Chrome) than the top three browser competitors combined.

What malware is and how to protect your website

You might not think it, but malware is more than just a problem for big businesses. It affects everyone with a computer, mobile phone, tablet. In 2015 alone, Symantec discovered over 430 million new kinds of malware that appeared on mobile devices, computers and...

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